27 January, 2017
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Female Leader, Rechelle Coombes, Socielle

Socielle Founder, Rechelle Coombes is a woman after our own hearts. Socielle is a social enterprise dedicated to discovering and retailing beautiful products from socially conscious businesses. Rechelle is a fellow retail disrupter. Socielle allows consumers not only to buy from socially conscious not for profits, but to also allocate ‘shopfunding’...

27 January, 2017
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Female Leader, Kelly Jamieson, Edible Blooms

Kelly Jamieson, Co-Founder of Edible Blooms, took her passion for chocolate one step further than the rest of us and created an innovative business model around the concept of floral gift bouquets that you could eat. Recognised as SA Telstra Business Woman of the Year in 2011, Kelly and her sister...

27 January, 2017
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Female Leader, Marie Kapetanakis, Kosmea

Marie Kapetanakis Founder and CEO of Kosmea started her business with a dream, a drum of rose hip oil, a beautiful new suit and a battered old car. Having sold the ‘good’ family car to bootstrap her rose hip oil purchase, Marie originally went door to door with her product, parking...

26 January, 2017
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Female Leader, Margaret Porritt, Feathers

Margaret Porritt, Founder of Feathers, has had the same vision for her business for over 40 years: to add value to women’s lives and make them feel good about themselves. After a prestigious start to her her career at age 17  in London, working for Norman Hartnell, the Queen’s dressmaker, Margaret...

26 January, 2017

Why Workplace Flexibility Matters

Valeria Ignatieva, Co-Founder of Diverse City Careers (DCC), one of our Partner organisations, shares with us her personal account of why workplace flexibility matters, and how it fuelled her passion to build DCC to help women find supportive employers. Significant numbers of working women and men value the opportunity to work flexibly to accommodate...

25 January, 2017
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Shop to Support Women on Australia Day

How you can support local businesswomen this Australia Day We’re being urged to shop local this Australia Day week and to help stop of the flow of over $4.2 billion that’s heading to offshore businesses. The best way you can do this is to buy Australian made products and to...

24 January, 2017
Lisa Rubinstein

Overcoming Unconscious Bias to Boost Gender Diversity

Lisa Rubinstein, CEO of the Institute for Human Potential describes herself as a Neuro Evangelist, and is another exceptional female leader we have met recently. We were thrilled when Lisa offered to contribute a guest post to our Gender Equality blog. Lisa provides an important insight into how neuroscience explains our tendency towards unsconscious bias, and...

24 January, 2017

Female Leader, Laura Emily Dunn, LED Media

Laura Emily Dunn is a remarkable young female entrepreneur and a passionate digital media expert. She started her global Digital Media consulting business LED Media at age 25 (she is now 28). She combines her interests of digital media, female leaders, politics and fashion in a ‘portfolio career’. Laura has advised...

23 January, 2017
BLOG Valentine's Day for you v1 20170123

Valentine’s Day for You

For those not into chocolates, roses and champagne on 14 Feb, this post could be for you. My son always says to me, “I love me.” So, I thought it was high time we stopped and gave ourselves a Valentine’s Day to pat ourselves on the back for what we accomplish...

18 January, 2017
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Women and men shop4equality

Femeconomy’s aim is to inform and encourage women to shop brands with female leaders to create gender equality. Our journey started with a goal of using consumer loyalty to reward companies who had at least 30% female board of directors or 50% female ownership. This would inspire other consumer brands to pursue...

16 January, 2017
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Female Leader, Sarah Donges, Box for Monkeys & The Beauty Tutor

Sarah Donges is the serially entrepreneurial Founder of two businesses, Box for Monkeys and The Beauty Tutor. A finalist in the ORIAS awards (Online Retailer Association) for best new online retailer in 2016, Sarah was also recently named as a Remodista Women2Watch in Retail Disruption Honoree for 2017. The Beauty Tutor provides...

15 January, 2017
Back to School stationery and tech

Back to School Stationery and Tech Money Saving Tips

I reflect fondly upon yesteryear mother-daughter days of Back to School stationery shopping. This is perhaps where my love of lists was incubated. Post shop, I enjoyed the task of putting new pencils in the carefully selected pencil case. Going through magazines and trimming the pages to create perfect personality statements....