4 September, 2016

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Gender Equality – Happy Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day in Australia, and I would like to pay tribute to my Dad and his pivotal role in developing my passion for gender equality. Who is Greg Bastin-Byrne? My Dad’s a reserved, thoughtful man who doesn’t waste words. He grew up on a farm. Then ran the hobby...

1 September, 2016
Australian Women's Progress Gender Equality

Australian Women’s Progress

It has been noted by some wise folk that women’s rights are human rights, and that gender equality is fundamentally about a fair go for everyone. These two principles Femeconomy passionately subscribes to and we hope that you are right behind us. If you are one of the approximately 50%...

30 August, 2016

The Femeconomy Effect

Women make over 85% of purchase decisions. In Australia alone during 2015 this equated to over $185 billion in total (online purchasing was over $13.3 billion). Yes, it’s a LOT of money. And it’s in our hands where we choose to direct it. If women buy from brands that have women in leadership, those companies will profit.