10 December, 2018
Gillian Corban and Amanda Blair Corban & Blair Female Leader Conversations Ebook

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Gillian Corban & Amanda Blair: Female Leader Conversations Ebook

Female Leader Conversations Ebook feature, Corban & Blair Owners, Gillian Corban & Amanda Blair said, “If you are not learning every day, you are probably going backwards.” About Gillian Corban and Amanda Blair were inducted into the Australian Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame The reason they  started Corban & Blair was...

10 December, 2018
Judith Treanor Temples & Markets Female Leader Conversations Ebook

Judith Treanor: Female Leader Conversations Ebook

Female Leader Conversations Ebook feature, Temples & Markets Owner, Judith Treanor said, “I love the idea that the successes and failures of a business are mine alone. Yes, I can work crazy hours, but I will be the one who ultimately reaps those rewards.” About Created  another business called the...

10 December, 2018
Victoria Kluth Araza Female Leader Conversations Ebook

Victoria Kluth: Female Leader Conversations Ebook

Female Leader Conversations Ebook feature, Araza Managing Director, Victoria Kluth said, “I didn’t know who my authentic self was, but when I found her, I grew one of the fastest growing companies in Australia for three years in a row.” About Grew a company from two people in 2013 to over 300...

10 December, 2018
Daile Drevins Salt Design Female Leader Conversations Ebook

Daile Drevins: Female Leader Conversations Ebook

Female Leader Conversations Ebook feature, Salt Design Director, Daile Drevins said, “Look inward before searching outward. It’s important to understand what you want, your passion and your strengths. Only then, can you really see what’s around you.” About Daile still feels the buzz when a client loves a design – just...

10 December, 2018
Cecily McGuckin Queensland Steel and Sheet Female Leader Conversations Ebook

Cecily McGuckin: Female Leader Conversations

Female Leader Conversations Ebook feature, Queensland Steel & Sheet CEO, Cecily McGuckin said,  “Women tend to have a different leadership style to men and businesses can flourish if they give women a chance to lead.” About Only female CEO in the wholesale sheet and metal distribution business in Australia Determined...

5 December, 2018
Jodi Geddes Kate Pollard

Female Leaders, Jodi Geddes & Kate Pollard, Directors Circle In

Best Friends Jodi Geddes and Kate Pollard started Circle In as a resource to help parents and organisations to better navigate the juggle of working and parenting in tandem. It’s no secret that parents struggle to transition and adjust to a new way of working once they have children, and...

26 November, 2018
Maree McPherson Consulting

Gender Equality Services: Maree McPherson Consulting

Regional Australia is often at the forefront of structural adjustment. There is, and will continue to be, a changing demographic in the labour market. In regions, such as Geelong and the Latrobe Valley, men are leaving manufacturing and mining jobs, while their partners are moving back into full-time work and...

7 November, 2018
BLOG IMAGE If it's to be it's up to me

If It’s to Be, It’s Up to Me!

12 Reasons Why We Need More Audacity in Australia I’ve gave a keynote speech at the Good Shepherd Microfinance State Forum in NSW on 31st October. I talked about determination, audacity and compassion as well as sharing some snippets about what I care about, why I care about it and events...

7 November, 2018
BLOG IMAGE The Scoreboard Doesn't Lie

The Scoreboard Doesn’t Lie

If this is the first time you’ve read anything I have written or posted, you may not realise that I simply adore Australian Rules Football. You may also not realise that I write, work, volunteer, advocate and agitate for gender equality. What do these two central cores of my life have...

6 November, 2018
BLOG IMAGE Denise O'Reilly

Female Leader, Denise O’Reilly, Director O’Reilly Workplace Law

Denise O’Reilly left the world of corporate law and started her own practice as Director O’Reilly Workplace Law to build the lifestyle and career of her dreams. With a desire to pursue workplace law and also enjoy the benefits offered by living on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Denise now has...

29 October, 2018
Madonna King Fathers and Daughters

Madonna King: Author insights from Fathers and Daughters

Madonna King has just released her ninth book, Fathers and Daughters which curates and analyses feedback from the experiences of 1300 girls and 400 dads exploring the father-daughter relationship, combining with expert commentary from school principals, psychologists, CEOs, neuroscientists, police and parenting experts. We previously interviewed Madonna on the release...