30 September, 2019
Queensland Voices Cathy Hunt Women of the World Festival Australia

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Queensland Voices: Cathy Hunt, WOW Festival

Cathy Hunt is Co-Founder of Of One Mind, the non profit company behind the development of the WOW (Women of the World) Festivals in Australia. The purpose of WOW is to celebrate the achievements of women and girls and to have tough conversations about the barriers which are holding them...

30 September, 2019
Queensland Voices Mayor Torres Shire Vonda Malone

Queensland Voices: Vonda Malone, Mayor Torres Shire Council

Over the past 20 years Vonda Malone has been actively role modelling (locally, nationally and internationally) the opportunities and possibilities for Queensland women, in particular for Indigenous Women from the Torres Strait, encouraging them to think differently and showing that Indigenous Women living in remote communities can achieve anything they...

30 September, 2019
Queensland Voices Madison Birtchnell

Queensland Voices: Madison Birtchnell

Madison Birtchnell is an inspiring young woman who passionately serves and volunteers across Queensland communities helping women and girls. Madison represents Queensland and Australia as an advocate in the Women Deliver Young Leaders Global Program. She is a champion for gender equality and the health, rights and well-being of girls...

30 September, 2019
Queensland Voices The Carers Foundation Ronnie Benbow

Queensland Voices: Ronnie Benbow, The Carers Foundation

Ronnie Benbow is the founder of The Carers Foundation, a Queensland-based non-profit providing wellness retreats, advocacy and support for people in caring roles. There are some 3 million carers across Australia, whose unpaid labour saves the community $1 billion every week. It’s vital and exhausting work that goes largely unrecognised....

30 September, 2019
Queensland Voices Dr Susan Harris Rimmer Griffith University

Queensland Voices: Dr Susan Harris Rimmer, Griffith Law School

Dr Susan Harris Rimmer returned to Queensland four years ago to become an Associate Professor at the Griffith Law School, and continue her research into women’s rights under international law. She has been an active part of the Human Rights Act for Queensland Campaign and will teach the first law course...

30 September, 2019
Queensland Voices Kate Bushell and She's on Q Team QSuper

Queensland Voices: Kate Bushell & She’s on Q Team, QSuper

Kate Bushell, Senior Manager QSuper, founded She’s on Q in 2017 as a key platform to help more women across Queensland shape a secure financial future for themselves. Women comprise two thirds of QSuper’s membership, so a team of enthusiastic women at QSuper believed they could do more give Queensland...

30 September, 2019
Queensland Voices Florence Drummond Indigenous Women in Mining and Resources

Queensland Voices: Florence Drummond, Indigenous Women in Mining & Resources

Florence Drummond Co-Founded Indigenous Women in Mining and Resources Australia (IWIMRA) to lead by example and raise the profile of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in the mining and resources sector. The sector, as the second largest employer of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, plays a pivotal role...

30 September, 2019
Queensland Voices Jane Anderson

Queensland Voices: Jane Anderson, Women with Influence

Jane Anderson delivers a program called Women with Influence, helping female business owners to grow a practice leveraging their expertise and increase their revenue each year, focussing on the Business to Business market. Jane’s typical clients are juggling families, are single parents, some looking after high needs children, have health...

30 September, 2019
Queensland Voices Taylor Birtchnell Student Bond University

Queensland Voices: Taylor Birtchnell

Taylor Birtchnell is an exceptional 21-year-old who works to empower and create a cohesive community. She has volunteered for over 14 years to causes including advocating for increasing women and girls in leadership roles, promoting equality, youth engagement and good mental health. Her conviction and mission to help others includes...

30 September, 2019
Queensland Voices Yvonne Shepherd Women's Fitness Adventures

Queensland Voices: Yvonne Shepherd, Women’s Fitness Adventures

Yvonne Shepherd founded Women’s Fitness Adventures to help Queensland women aged 40-75 years connect and get and stay active. Yvonne gathers the unsung heroes. The makers of family life and workforce. The carers, the volunteers, the committed, the doers, the quiet ones. Sometimes invisible, not ones to create fuss or draw...