27 May, 2020
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Femeconomy and WEConnect International Partner to Support Women Owned Businesses

Femeconomy and WEConnect International are collaborating to provide greater access for members to procurement opportunities Currently women owned businesses access less than 1% of the global procurement market. WEConnect International and Femeconomy are united by a common purpose to educate business owners and large procurement organisations on how their purchasing decisions can create gender...

22 April, 2020
BLOG IMAGE Alison Shaw

Alison Shaw, Owner Tambo Teddies

Tambo Teddies is a business that was born during crisis. Forged while drought ravaged Tambo 25 years ago, Tambo Teddies is a genuine case study in creating a business from necessity, and through perseverance and determination growing that business to a global brand. Alison Shaw, Owner of Tambo Teddies shares...

2 April, 2020
BLOG IMAGE How to get your career unstuck

How to get your career ‘unstuck’

I am often asked why women get stuck at career crossroads. There is a myriad of reasons why women get stuck, including gender stereotypes, gender inequality and discrimination. But there are also reasons deep within us that can be driving women get stuck. So if you have ever felt like...

16 March, 2020
BLOG IMAGE Mia de Rauch

Mia de Rauch, Managing Director Flipswitch Media

With increasing amounts of video content available online, it’s bewildering to contemplate how to make your message stand out in the crowd, and for those not yet comfortable with the medium, how to even get started. Mia de Rauch, Managing Director of Flipswitch Media is an expert in her field,...

11 March, 2020
Amanda Edmonds

Amanda Edmonds, Principal & Licensed Conveyancer, Edmonds Conveyancing

Amanda Edmonds, Principal & Licensed Conveyancer, started Edmonds Conveyancing 16 years ago from her garage. She has grown the business to office premises in Ballina and Lismore, and also serves property buyers in Byron Bay, Alstonville, Casino, Kyogle, Evans Head and surrounds. With a booming Northern Rivers property market, Amanda...

10 March, 2020
BLOG IMAGE Venu Cameron

Venu Cameron, Founder, Venuzi

Venu Cameron left behind a corporate procurement career and city life four years ago to found her own business venture, Venuzi Pit Paste. Venuzi Pit Paste produce all natural, organic and vegan deodorant pastes, and have a commitment to protecting the environment and driving social change. Venu has grown her...

9 March, 2020
BLOG IMAGE The only woman on the leadership team

The Only Woman on the Leadership Team

JFDI (just f**king do it) and GSD (get shit done) are phrases that characterise my approach to life, leadership and of course, gender equality. I’m going to tell you a true story about when JFDI and get shit done wasn’t necessarily going to be a winning strategy for me. Because...

4 March, 2020
BLOG IMAGE Leigh Tabrett

Leigh Tabrett, Executive Producer, Women of The World (WOW) Festival Australia

Executive Producer of WOW Australia 2020 and Chair of Of One Mind Leigh Tabrett’s career trajectory has included secondary teacher, university administrator, senior public servant and board director. A quiet achiever, influential thinker, and life long gender equality advocate, Leigh is foremost a change agent. She formerly worked as an...

25 February, 2020
BLOG Image Nerida Connors

Nerida Connors, General Manager Commercial, OBE Organic

Agriculture and farming is part of Nerida Connors’ family heritage, since the early 1950s. On completing her Hotel Management degree with an aspiration to become a fitness instructor, Nerida was figuring out her next career move, when her father requested that she help out in the family’s pastoral business for...

20 February, 2020
Vicki Saunders

Vicki Saunders, Founder, SheEO

SheEO has grown into a global phenomenon. Founded by Vicki Saunders, SheEO is funded by women around the world and is based on the concept of ‘radical generosity’. Activators in each country donate funds to support women-led enterprises, as an innovative solution to the problem that women founders receive less...

18 February, 2020
Claire Quince

Claire Quince, Co-Owner, CBQ Consulting

Claire Quince, Co-Owner of CBQ Consulting based in rural Ballina, is a devotee of organisations taking a triple bottom line approach to their business – encompassing economic, social and environmental goals and measures. In a global context where businesses are increasingly being held to account for their stakeholder impact, it...

4 February, 2020
Femeconomy.com creates a legacy

Femeconomy.com Creates a Legacy

A Place in History Late last year, we were contacted by the State Library of Queensland (SLQ), who requested our permission to archive Femeconomy’s website to the Australian National Web Archive. This means Femeconomy will be able to be accessed by the public globally in perpetuity. The reason Femeconomy was...