18 March, 2019
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Female Leader, Louise Bezzina, CEO & Artistic Director, Bleach* Festival

Louise Bezzina created and launched the first incredibly successful Bleach* The Gold Coast Festival in just 6 months. As CEO and Artistic Director of Bleach*, Louise has since 2011 established the Festival’s reputation as a leading Queensland Arts organisation. Last year, this lead to Bleach* featuring as part of the...

6 March, 2019
Queensland Voices call for nominations

Nominations are now closed: Queensland Voices

Queensland is built by amazing Queenslanders. Every day women are moving Queensland forward. We want to make sure their voices are heard, and their faces known. History is stacked with invisible women. The 2016 Women in Media report stated that women are 21% of quoted media sources and this drops...

4 March, 2019

Female Leader, Pinky McKay, Director Boobie Bikkies

Pinky McKay is Australia’s most recognised breastfeeding expert (you’ve probably seen her on the telly), best-selling author of four books on parenting, breastfeeding and baby sleep, as well as being an entrepreneur and the creator of Boobie Bikkies lactation cookies. Boobie Bikkies were created in 2012, and now export internationally....

7 February, 2019
Balance for Better

Balance for Better – International Women’s Day 2019

The theme for 2019 International Women’s Day (IWD) is Balance for Better. This is a theme that resonates strongly with me from many angles which is why I am passionate about sharing my thoughts as the key note speaker at AusIMM’s inaugural IWD lunch events in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth,...

6 February, 2019
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Female Leader, Michelle Redfern, Founder Advancing Women

In 2016 Michelle Redfern made the risky leap from corporate executive to entrepreneur, founding Advancing Women with the mission to improve gender diversity in the business and sporting arenas. She has carefully curated a diverse portfolio career, which includes: Founder of Women Who Get It (WWGI), a professional women’s networking...

21 January, 2019
Michelle Redfern Gender Equality Consulting Services Advancing Women

Gender Equality Services: The Advancing Woman Way

Advancing Women is an Australian based, globally focussed enterprise providing research, consulting and advisory services on equality, inclusion and gender diversity, in sport and in business. What Problem Are We Solving? Australia is a wealthy, developed country which has had positive economic outcomes for more than 2 decades, bucking the global...

17 January, 2019
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Female Leader, Caroline McCulloch, Founder & Designer FRANKiE4

Caroline McCulloch, Founder and Designer FRANKiE4 is a Physiotherapist and Podiatrist whose shoe venture began because she could no longer bear the distress that the fashion vacuum of healthy shoe options was causing her customers. Like many ‘overnight success’ stories, Caroline has determinedly weathered and overcome 8 years of business challenges...

16 January, 2019

Femeconomy Retail Gender Equality Progress Report January 2019

Last week, we updated our brand directory. It’s an informative process of reviewing each record against our criteria, re-researching each brand’s leadership composition, and amending our website directory to reflect any changes. Over 890 brands meet our criteria. When we started Femeconomy it was just over 700. It is important to communicate and celebrate the positive...

8 January, 2019
Overcoming barriers women in sport

Busting the Barriers for Women in Sport

What Is The Invisible Barrier For Women in Sport? “Despite the many social and organisational benefits of advancing women in leadership within the sporting sector, Australian sporting clubs and organisations have been slow to catch on. Why? The sporting sector faces a number of cultural and structural barriers that affect women’s...

8 January, 2019
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Have you ever felt stuck?

What the Hell Do I Do Now? I had a WTF moment a few years back. It was just after the Christmas break. I had gone back to work for an organisation that I had been (happily) employed by for 15 years. I was managing the tail end of a restructure...

6 January, 2019
The Femeconomy Network tall poppies image

The Femeconomy Network – breaking down the tall poppy syndrome

Australia’s Tall Poppy Syndrome is impacting women’s path to leadership. Business advisors regularly talk about the benefits of building a personal brand. Yet, when some women do, they are told they’re conceited. Some women don’t want to talk about the awards they have won. Others have experienced negative reactions from...