20 April, 2018
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Gender Equality Consulting Services: The Why

As a HR Executive, I hated being ‘sold’ to When I reflected on my own 19 years of experience as a Human Resources practitioner in operational and corporate environments working for large global multinationals, I realised that I was totally resistant to approaches by service providers. The sheer volume of...

17 April, 2018
performance review

Preparing for End of Year Performance Reviews

As we head into the end of financial year, it is important to think through how you will approach your end of year performance review. We asked our members for their advice on how to make sure your end of year performance review works to achieve your career goals. Strong,...

16 April, 2018
Audette Exel

Female Leader, Audette Exel AO, Founder & Chair Adara Group

Audette Exel AO is the Founder and Chair of Adara Group and a Non-Executive Director at Suncorp. Audette founded Adara Group 20 years ago in 1998, with the vision of bridging the world of business and the world of people in extreme poverty. Adara Group’s unique business model sees two Australian corporate advisory businesses, Adara...

15 April, 2018

Female Leader, Lara Wilde, Owner Wilde Drive

Lara Wilde Owner Wilde Drive has made cars her life. She is an authority on safe, simple and stylish adventures on the road and has circumnavigated Australia and driven coast to coast in America multiple times. Lara is also an accomplished and entertaining keynote speaker, MC and facilitator. Her passion...

15 April, 2018
BLOG IMAGE Stacey Borsboom

Female Leader, Stacey Borsboom, Owner Revise Psychology

Stacey Borsboom Owner and Principal Psychologist at Revise Psychology started her business in 2015 to grow the availability of psychological services in the Central Queensland region, and to continue to confront the stigma around mental health and seeking help. Revise Psychology specialise in early intervention, as well as management of...

9 April, 2018
Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I often reflect on how my Mum has influenced my life and helped me become the person I am today. You may have seen our blog posts last year celebrating our Mums, Marie Kelly-Moran and Vicki Bastin-Byrne. We just spent last weekend with our Mums enjoying the Women of the...

9 April, 2018
BLOG IMAGE Stacey Hughes

Female Leader, Stacey Hughes, Director CQ Nutrition

Stacey Hughes, Director CQ Nutrition left her corporate career in the resources industry and started her business with her Dietitian husband Chris three years ago to provide a wide range of evidence based clinical and lifestyle focused nutrition services to the Central Queensland region. Stacey leads all aspects of CQ Nutrition‘s business...

5 April, 2018
BLOG IMAGE Alison Shaw

Female Leader, Alison Shaw, Co-Owner Tambo Teddies

Alison Shaw Co-Owner of Tambo Teddies career journey has a fascinating amount of twists and turns. She’s worked on a goat dairy, as a wool classer and Jillaroo, a small business entrepreneur and as an Arts and Cultural Officer with Regional Council. Her Non-Executive Director Board experience includes previous roles...

4 April, 2018
BLOG Image Julie O'Donohue

Female Leader, Julie O’Donohue, Founder and CEO Next Address

Julie O’Donohue Founder and CEO of Next Address is disrupting the real estate industry with her online platform that connects property buyers and sellers. A former real estate agent, Julie says Australians are charged one of the highest market and advertising fees to sell their home, in the world. Her career...

3 April, 2018

Female Leader, Sarah-Joy Pierce, Owner Joyful Communications

Sarah-Joy Pierce Owner Joyful Communications started her own PR and Strategic Communications business in 2015 in response to clients who were contacting her repeatedly to complete freelance assignments. Since then, she has Co-Founded another business Strategic Mining Communications, primarily to service the mining sector. With two thriving businesses under her belt,...

3 April, 2018
BLOG IMAGE Cecily McGuckin

Female Leader, Cecily McGuckin, CEO Queensland Steel & Sheet

Cecily McGuckin CEO Queensland Steel and Sheet (QSS) climbed the corporate career ladder, working first in health, then in retail construction development for Mirvac before starting her own successful construction project development business. When her father asked her to join the family business Queensland Steel and Sheet in 2009, she took...

2 April, 2018
Farm to Hanger

Farm to Hanger

Farm to Hanger is an entirely female owned and operated business producing sustainable, slow fashion garments in a variety of styles, perfect for the fashion and environmentally conscious among us. We have a big focus on traceability and remain very conscious about what goes into our products. This isn’t a...