22 January, 2018
Diversity Partners

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Gender Equality Services: Diversity Partners

While we’re seeing greater diversity in the Australian workplace than ever before, this change isn’t consistent at all levels of the workforce and across all industries. Which means we’re not getting the full benefits that diversity brings, such as innovation and better decision-making. For example, while women represent nearly half...

22 January, 2018
BLOG IMAGE Tracey Vieira

Female Leader, Tracey Vieira, CEO Screen Queensland

Tracey Vieira, CEO Screen Queensland is a remarkable and very humble leader who has been instrumental in attracting film production of massive international blockbusters totalling $1.5 billion in production investment in Australia. While she is focussed on bringing economic benefits and international profile to the region, Tracey is also dedicated to...

19 January, 2018

Modibodi Underwear and Swimwear for the Modern Bodi

For the 1 in 3 women with light incontinence and for every menstruating woman, most can recall stories of that embarrassing situation in which her underwear failed to protect her from a leak. They have endured years of using inconvenient, uncomfortable and eco-damaging disposable hygiene to stay protected. Kristy Chong’s...

18 January, 2018
BLOG IMAGE Bec Brideson

Female Leader, Bec Brideson, CEO Venus Comms

Bec Brideson, Founder and CEO of Venus Comms and Bec Brideson, Author and Keynote Speaker joined the 0.1% of female founders to open her own very successful full service creative agency in 2004. Prior to this, she was one of the 3% of female Creative Directors in the advertising industry....

17 January, 2018
outsource domestic duties

4 Ways to Outsource Domestic Duties

Okay, so the mama guilt thing is a real thing. We all experience it from time to time and sometimes, every single day. When you have kids there are so many more shades of grey and so many more places and ways to feel guilty. Whether it’s leaving your baby in...

16 January, 2018
Back to school

A Back to School Checklist that’s kind to our Flora & Fauna

You might be heading back to work, uni or getting the kids ready for school. Do you have everything you need? Flora & Fauna have put a checklist together below full of eco-friendly options! Start the new work and school year off being kind to our planet. Stationery We definitely...

12 January, 2018
Jamila Rivzi

Jamila Rizvi on leadership, sexism and pay rises

Jamila Rizvi is a writer, presenter and commentator. She writes a weekly political column for News Limited and appears regularly as a commentator on Channel 10, Channel 9 and the ABC. Her first book, Not Just Lucky, a career manifesto for millennial women, was published in 2017. Can you tell...

11 January, 2018
BLOG IMAGE Emily Duggan 20180111

Female Leader, Emily Duggan, Australian Racing Car Driver

When Emily Duggan, Australian Racing Car Driver was preparing for her first race in 2014, to compete against an all male field, she called the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) to check with officials whether it was within the rules to allow a woman to compete. Fortunately, they confirmed...

11 January, 2018
BLOG IMAGE Embrace your ambition

Embrace Your Ambition

The start of a new year usually heralds a review and mental stocktake regarding our life choices. Are you living the life you aspire to? Do you have the career and income you want? Are your relationships in balance? Do you spend time on activities that bring you happiness and connection?...

8 January, 2018
BLOG IMAGE Is self confidence an issue for you

Is self-confidence an issue for you?

It’s frustrating to see the continuous stream of articles suggesting women are holding themselves back, particularly within organisational settings. I agree wholeheartedly with Catherine Fox’s assertion that we need to ‘Stop Fixing Women’. Research confirms that women are just as ambitious as men, and seek pay rises with the same...

7 January, 2018
Edible Beauty

Why Edible Beauty?

There is growing awareness of the need to use pure and organic ingredients on our skin. At Edible Beauty our gold standard for purity is an “edible” ingredients list. As the founder of Edible Beauty Australia, I feel so strongly about our products being edible. So, I pledge that if you...

3 January, 2018
Coming soon

COMING SOON: The Femeconomy Connection Program

We will be offering 10 female Queensland business leaders the opportunity to join our collaborative network through The Femeconomy Connection Program. This exciting program is funded by The Queensland Government’s Department of Employment, Small Business and Training as part of their Advancing Women in Business Initiative. 8 WOMEN WILL BE SELECTED FROM...