21 September, 2017
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Female Leader, Dr Cathryn Lloyd, Founder Maverick Minds

Dr Cathryn Lloyd Founded Maverick Minds after experimenting with the intersection of creative, academic and business principles at one of London’s leading art and design universities. She realised that creativity and art could be used as a central methodology to solve complex business problems and inspire innovation within teams. You...

18 September, 2017
Kylie Duffy Andrew Fenlon women into leadership

The Father and Daughter team helping more Women into Leadership

Kylie Duffy and Andrew Fenlon are the Co-Founders of Women into Leadership, a boutique management consultancy. Their aim is to increase women in senior leadership using an independently created, tailored approach for organisations over a 12 month program. A governance process enables monitoring and reporting progress to key stakeholders, through...

18 September, 2017
BLOG IMAGE Professional Development Change Industries

5 Professional Development Tips when Changing Industries

How do you successfully transition from one industry and occupation to another entirely new industry and job? A slightly daunting proposition. And one I faced approximately 18 months ago now. The problem was knowing where to start when I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I had the idea for...

18 September, 2017
ethical shopping

How Ethical Shopping Changes Lives

Temples and Markets was born out of a love of travel, eating and shopping my way through South East Asia. Along the way I discovered products created by resilient individuals, employed by Social Enterprises and Artisan Groups. These groups exist to improve people’s lives and empower them towards a better...

17 September, 2017
BLOG IMAGE Amanda Revis Suncorp

Case Study: Gender Equality at Suncorp

At Femeconomy, we understand that for companies, achieving gender equality is a journey. We are committed to creating a community of practice where people can learn from the practical programs organisations have implemented, to help others inform their “how” when it comes to progressing gender equality. Our aim is to...

16 September, 2017
sea celebration in silk

A Sea Celebration in Silk and Wool

Australia is unique. The light. The summer heat. The beaches. The tropical flowers. Midnight swims at the beach when it is too hot to sleep. Glimpses of boats on the harbor as you zip around the city of Sydney. Margot’s scarves are a fresh interpretation on quintessentially Australian and Sydney experiences....

11 September, 2017
Summer Chic Ankalia Cheryl Botha

Summer Chic in Embellished Sandals

How often do you get invited to a Summer event and feel unsure about what to wear? Many Summer events require the skillful art of dressing somewhere in between formal and elegantly low key. I call it “Summer chic.” Let’s face it, you don’t want to be over-dressed or under-dressed....

11 September, 2017

Female Leader, Linda Ryle, President Indigenous Lawyers Association Queensland

Linda Ryle is currently President of Indigenous Lawyers Association Queensland, an organisation that is completely financed through the volunteer efforts and fundraising of their Management Committee (not government funded). She is a strong and eloquent advocate for the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within the justice sector. Linda’s career...

11 September, 2017
When being fashionable is unfashionable

When being fashionable is unfashionable

For way too many years, I worked in the Australian public service in a high level government job. My role was professional and I was often in and out of meetings where I was expected to tone it down. Way down. I wore lots of pants suits, some beige, lots...

11 September, 2017
Jacinta Foale

Jacinta Foale, Educating our Future Leaders

Jacinta Foale loved her job as a Swimming Instructor. One particular day she met a four-year-old boy who was petrified of the water. Jacinta went beyond the pool to find solutions, researching and developing different methods and strategies for helping this little boy and easing his Mum’s anxiety. It was...