17 November, 2017
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Practising what they preach: How two women are tackling diversity differently

While nearly half (49%) of Australians are born overseas or have a parent who was born overseas, Australian workplaces, particularly in the corporate sector, do not reflect this diverse reality. Brisbane-based consultancy ThoughtPlace, is committed to unlocking this paradox through their work to sustainably improve the inclusion and diversity, culture and...

15 November, 2017
Carrie Kwan daily addict mums Co

Female Leader, Carrie Kwan, Founder Mums & Co. and Daily Addict

Carrie Kwan, Founder of Daily Addict and Mums & Co is a serial entrepreneur. She started the insider’s digital lifestyle guide Daily Addict in 2008, and Mums & Co in 2016. Mums & Co, backed by IAG, is a membership based platform created to specifically support the needs of mothers...

13 November, 2017

Startup Secrets from the Frontline

iVvy’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lauren Hall, knows a thing or two about start-ups. After all, she’s built five of them. Lauren’s work spans industries from pharmaceutical to manufacturing and now technology with award-winning cloud-based event management solution iVvy. Lauren has overcome obstacles including funding and capacity constraints and even...

12 November, 2017
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Femeconomy Partner, Advancing Women

Michelle Redfern, Founder Advancing Women gets stuff done, including taking your diversity plan from conversation to action. Michelle combined 20 years of executive leadership and sports directorship experience along with a passion for gender equality to create a unique enterprise to advance women in business & sport. Advancing Women is an advisory...

9 November, 2017
BLOG IMAGE Leina Broughton Fleur Richardson

Female Leaders, Leina Broughton & Fleur Richardson, LBFR Creative

Leina Broughton and Fleur Richardson, Directors of LBFR Creative are warm, straight talking, no-nonsense, ambitious, creative, stylish and talented women. Both hail from the gorgeous country of New Zealand and the story of their partnership is intriguing. There have been many serendipitous moments that have pushed them into the same...

9 November, 2017
BLOG IMAGE Giovanna Lever

Female Leader, Giovanna Lever, CEO Sparrowly Group

Giovanna Lever is the Founder and Chief Sparrow of Sparrowly Group, which offers integrated business solutions, marketing strategy, small business mentoring and bespoke leadership development programs. She has held corporate executive roles in commercial, marketing and general management with iconic Australian organisations including Australian Rugby Union, Tourism Australia, Intercontinental Hotel...

6 November, 2017
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Can I really be me and succeed at work?

I moderate forums quite regularly for women that focus on the themes of vulnerability, building business acumen and authentic leadership. There is a consistent theme in the conversations I have before, during and after these forums. Frustration and exasperation that women are not advancing quickly enough into leadership. The structural,...

6 November, 2017
plastic alternatives

Kick Plastic To The Curb In 3 Easy Steps

We Australians love our coffee! We consume about 50,000 takeaway coffees every 30 minutes. That equals 50,000 disposable coffee cups most likely ending up in landfill. At the supermarket it’s not much better. Australians are estimated to use between four and six billion plastic bags a year. So by the...

6 November, 2017

It’s Time to Be Bold, Because there is No Messiah!

I’ve worked out that there are two types of people in my network. Those that love Monty Python and those who do not. If you are one of the latter, then some of this article may not make sense. The Life of Brian. The Life of Brian is a Monty...

6 November, 2017
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Want Gender Equality? Time to take the Femeconomy Pledge

On 2nd November, the World Economic Forum released their 2017 Global Gender Gap Report. The news was mixed. At the current rate of progress the overall global gender gap will take 100 years to close (so by 2117). However, the gap in the workplace will now not be closed for...

1 November, 2017
BLOG IMAGE SheStarts Nicola Hazell

Female Leader, Nicola Hazell, Director SheStarts

Nicola Hazell joined BlueChilli as the Head of Diversity and Impact in 2016, with a background in journalism, politics and public affairs in the community sector. Her first significant challenge was to launch and lead the inaugural SheStarts program. In Australia, and indeed globally, there are few (if any) venture-backed technology accelerators that...