19 July, 2017
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Female Leader, Deanna Varga, Dress for Success Sydney

Deanna Varga is a Non-Executive Director for four organisations, including Dress for Success Sydney, Business Events Sydney, Sydney Improvised Music Association and Biz Events Asia. She is also the Assistant Director Commercial & Visitor Services at the Australian National Maritime Museum. Deanna draws on her extensive sales and marketing and consultancy...

19 July, 2017
find your personal style

How to find your personal style

Are you in a style rut? Do you feel like you’ve never fully discovered your own personal style? Does fashion interest you on Instagram but you’re unsure how to apply it to your own life? Well, you’re in the right place. Fashion blogs, magazines, advertisements, bloggers and influencers often lead...

18 July, 2017
Gen George Skilld & tamme

Female Leader, Gen George, Managing Director, Skilld & tamme

Gen George, Founder and Managing Director of Skilld and tamme is a talented serial entrepreneur. She has recently divested her first start up business, Oneshift, an online recruitment platform which she grew to over 1 million users, to her investor Programmed. Oneshift was born during Gen’s gap year travelling through...

11 July, 2017
BLOG IMAGE 5 tips for transitioning from corporate to startup

5 Tips for Transitioning from Corporate to Startup

Standing on the outside looking in is the analogy I use to describe the process of deprogramming myself from the world of corporate business. Being a suit-wearing cog in the wheel of a global multinational is far removed from the daily existence of a startup entrepreneur. As I have consciously...

10 July, 2017
Leneen Forde AC

Female Leader, Leneen Forde AC

Leneen Ford AC is a remarkable trailblazer whose extensive community service leadership has defined her life and career. Born in Canada, her first career was as a laboratory technician. She worked in the Haematology Department of Royal Brisbane Hospital for 2 years. After her husband died Leneen decided to study...

10 July, 2017
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Female Leader, Lutfiye Tahseen, Founder, Astara Creative

Lutfiye Tahseen, Founder of Astara Creative had a Biomedical Science Degree and post graduate qualifications in Psychology. When her husband became unwell, work flexibility was even more important. Lutfiye decided to transition her career, embarking on a third degree at Swinburne Online to study Marketing. The course was online and flexible,...

10 July, 2017
BLOG IMAGE Merit vs Quotas

Merit vs Quotas

At the current rate of progress, I will not see gender equality achieved in my lifetime. Nor will my daughter’s granddaughter. According to the World Economic Forum’s global index we won’t see gender equality achieved until 2186. That’s 5 generations away. The case for quotas has been recently given another...

10 July, 2017
5 ways to grow your online business

5 Ways to Grow Your Online Business

You’ve set up your business with products and processes, you have a glitzy website and have claimed your social media channels. What’s next? Value for money is imperative for any sized business. How can you reach your customers and make sure your money and time is high yield? As a business owner,...

5 July, 2017

Female Leader, Tammy Barton, Director, MyBudget

Tammy Barton, Director and Founder of MyBudget bought her first house at 19 years of age. At age 22, in 1999 she left her job at an Adelaide law firm, where she had been entrusted to deal with debt collection to start MyBudget from home. Her mission was to help...

3 July, 2017
5 bootstrapping tips

5 Bootstrapping Tips from Female Leaders

We often get caught up in startup world vernacular with that ecosystem’s buzzwords. Heard yourself saying unicorn, growth hacking, FMA (first mover advantage)? When it boils down to it, many of us are trying to build a small business without investment, off our own backs in our own time. We’re...

26 June, 2017
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Female Leader, Annette Kimmitt, EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program

Annette Kimmitt is a remarkable leader who through her noteworthy career has undertaken a range of senior executive and non-executive director roles. Annette is currently EY’s Global Growth Markets Leader and Asia-Pacific Accounts Leader, responsible for leading and executing the go-to-market and client service strategies for the entire Asia-Pacific area...

26 June, 2017
BLOG IMAGE Feature 3 Watch Styles 20170626

3 Watch Styles for the Modern Woman

It’s no secret that us modern-day women are always working to a deadline. Between juggling our careers, relationships, health and happiness with the weekly girls brunch date thrown into the mix, keeping to schedule can seem almost impossible. That’s why now, more than ever it’s essential for us to have...