22 July, 2021

Keeva Stratton, Founder & Brand Strategist, Quip Brands

Keeva Stratton, Founder of Quip Brands has an intriguing combination of qualifications and experience that amalgamate to engender a problem solver extraordinaire. She is a criminologist, lawyer and award winning brand strategist, who has also worked for more than 20 years in the advertising and media industry. As a film...

6 July, 2021
BLOG IMAGE Lisa Carter

Lisa Carter, Managing Director, Clear Insurance

Lisa Carter Managing Director Clear Insurance and her team deal daily in risk management, so it is unsurprising that Lisa’s business experienced a relatively seamless transition during COVID-19. Clear Insurance‘s own business continuity enabled them to support clients across the various industries they service, including clubs & hospitality, manufacturing, construction,...

6 July, 2021
BLOG IMAGE Kristy Chong

Kristy Chong, CEO & Founder, Modibodi

Every time we catch up with Modibodi CEO and Founder Kristy Chong, she’s busy launching a new product to the market to provide clothing options that improve sustainability and reduce single use. Kristy’s focus on constant product innovation, even within Modibodi‘s existing product range is second to none. Her newest...

15 June, 2021
BLOG IMAGE Lauren Calvert

Lauren Calvert, Director, The Well-Suited Group: Female Leader Conversations

Lauren Calvert is the Founder and Director of The Well-Suited Group which is emerging as the ‘go to’ agency for executives seeking premium administrative support services. TWSG is disrupting the traditional working week and offering its clients and its staff flexibility through bespoke support solutions. Clients are matched with highly...

15 June, 2021
BLOG IMAGE Alicia Beachley

Alicia Beachley, CEO April5 Agency: Female Leader Conversations

Alicia Beachley thrives on delivering unique and engaging experiential marketing and brand activations for her multinational clients. With an extensive track record as an Agency Director, Alicia decided to start her own venture April5 over 12 years ago, and has built an award winning business, specialising in creating unforgettable brand...

15 June, 2021
BLOG IMAGE Karyn Gonano

Karyn Gonano, Director KLG Communications: Female Leader Conversations

Crafting words that influence is critical for effective communication. As a writing coach for a diverse range of clients, Karyn Gonano enhances the way they communicate. Karyn’s unique approach guides the development of their speeches, presentations, pitches, reports, articles and grant applications so they impactfully reach their intended audiences. ART...