23 May, 2017
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Female Leader, Rochelle Courtenay, Share The Dignity

Rochelle Courtenay CEO and Founder of Share The Dignity, and self proclaimed “Crazy Pad Lady” is passionate about offering all women the opportunity to live with dignity. She was motivated to start Share The Dignity in 2015 after reading an article that described the indignities faced by homeless women and those...

22 May, 2017
Don't Say Mum

Don’t Say Mum

Elizabeth Murphy, Co-Founder of The Change Agenda, contributes a guest post on why she stayed ‘mum’ at work regarding her parental status. The idea of ceasing employment when I had my daughter ten years ago didn’t enter my mind. I love working. I like to use my brain, learn new things,...

22 May, 2017
feeling blah fashion hacks

Feeling Blah Fashion Hacks

You know those days when you feel like you have a wardrobe of nothing and everything feels uncomfortable? Say goodbye to feeling blah and work your look with these fashion hacks from Fashion Weekly. Recently I found myself on a little holiday where confidence hit an all time low. I didn’t feel...

21 May, 2017
Danielle Lewis Scrunch

Female Leader, Danielle Lewis, Scrunch

Danielle Lewis, CEO and Co-Founder of Scrunch spoke to us about the twists and turns in her start up journey. Scrunch is a technology platform that connects influencers with brands so companies can identify which influencers’ promotional efforts actually result in sales. With over 20 million influencers on Scrunch‘s platform, and...

18 May, 2017
Diverse City Careers logo

Gender Equality Services: Diverse City Careers Jobs Board

Are you an employer who is struggling to attract female talent? Gender diversity in leadership and non-traditional roles is improving very slowly. In the ASX200 less than 5% of CEOs and only 25.3% of Board Directors are women. WGEA report only 35.3% of managers in the ASX200 companies are women....

18 May, 2017
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Gender Equality Services: Culturally Diverse Women Program by MindTribes

Are we leveraging Australia’s Multicultural Society in Business? Culturally diverse people are highly represented in our society however under-represented or underutilised in our workplaces. 46.8% of Australia’s population are either born overseas or have one parent born overseas (2011 census). According to The Diversity Council of Australia, the percentage of culturally...

17 May, 2017
2017 Fashion Colour Trend

Greenery is the 2017 Fashion Colour Trend

Recently, I was having a conversation with a non-fashion obsessive and we stumbled across the topic of the 2017 colour of the season, Greenery. He was underwhelmed at the thought that someone or something out there could have power to influence the world. I simply explained that Pantone ultimately predicts...

16 May, 2017
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Female Leader, Wendy Stops, Non-Executive Director CBA

Wendy Stops transitioned from a 30+ year technology consulting career with Accenture in 2014, leaving as senior managing director of the group’s Asia Pacific technology division. Geographically mobile, Wendy was promoted through successively more senior leadership and internal board directorship roles within the company. She lived in Singapore, Malaysia and New York...

16 May, 2017
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Female Leader, Jane Lu, Showpo

Jane Lu, CEO and Founder of Showpo is the very definition of self made. The fast fashion retail business now turning over in excess of $30 million annually and shipping to over 80 countries was started from her parent’s garage in 2010. The odds were stacked against her, but sheer determination won out....

15 May, 2017
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Female Leader, Kate Morris, Adore Beauty

Kate Morris, CEO and Founder of Adore Beauty disrupted the beauty industry back in 1999, investing $12,000 to bootstrap her business, now turning over in excess of $10 million annually. She launched the venture from her Melbourne garage while an undergraduate student, at age 21. Her inspiration was her experience working on...

12 May, 2017
Domestic violence is a workplace issue

Domestic Violence is a Workplace Issue

Alison Blyth, Director and Principal Lawyer at Outside Legal Solutions knows from experience that if victims of domestic violence (generally women) cannot work because they are scared, injured or unsafe, there are consequences for their ability to support themselves and their families. This may mean they have no other option but to...

11 May, 2017
Gender budgeting

Gender Budgeting: Where did it go?

Australia was the first country in the world to have gender budgeting Did you know this? From 1983 to 2013 (3 decades!) the Federal Government released a Women’s Budget Statement. Australia was a pioneer in this respect. State and Territory Governments were also among the first in the world to...