23 June, 2019
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Female Leader, Nikki Beaumont, CEO Beaumont People

Nikki Beaumont, CEO & Founder Beaumont People has dedicated her 30 year career to helping people find their next career step. With the tagline, Placing People First, Nikki has embedded this philosophy within her business. Her response to the Global Financial Crisis downturn was to introduce a low cost recruitment...

23 May, 2019
Nadine Bates Kristen Souvlis

Female Leaders, Nadine Bates & Kristen Souvlis, Like a Photon Creative

Nadine Bates, Creative Director and Kristen Souvlis, Managing Director are co-founders of award winning production company Like a Photon Creative. Like a Photon Creative produces animated children’s content with a focus on diversity and gender parity both onscreen and behind screen, but mostly they create joy. Founded in 2012, Like...

2 May, 2019
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Solving the Thorny Issue of Gender Inequality in Sport

Sport is an integral component of the society that is Australia and has featured consistently throughout my entire life, whether as a little person watching from the sidelines when my parents played or as a young person and adult being involved in various team and individual sports. As I became...

2 May, 2019
BLOG Image Gender Equality is for Men

Gender Equality is for Men Too

Hey Men, Do You Want Better Quality of Life? I was shocked and moved when I first watched the Man Up TV Series. I initially watched the series because I am really interested in what makes men and boys tick (my work in  achieving gender equality depends on engaging men in the...

28 April, 2019
BLOG Image Elise Stevens

Female Leader, Elise Stevens, Author & Founder Age Defying Careers

Elise Stevens founded her business Age Defying Careers to help women over 40 learn new skills and embrace change and transformation to reach their career goals. Elise’s own successful career in project management led her to begin Podcasting, seeking out, connecting with and sharing the career stories of other women...

16 April, 2019

Flexible Working Day – 22 May 2019

The world has changed and continues to change. Many of us no longer work in factories where the more hours you did, the more output you achieved. Where you clocked in and out for your shift using your time cards. Thanks to technology, new industries and entrepreneurs globally solving problems,...

16 April, 2019

Catherine Fox on Women Kind, quotas and advancing women in the workplace

Catherine Fox, Director of Diversity at Women & Leadership Australia (WLA), author, columnist and broadcaster, has spent more than 20 years finding out how we can get more women into the workplace. She is speaking at WLA’s forthcoming Australian Women’s Leadership Symposiums, delivering a fascinating session entitled Women Kind: Unlocking...

3 April, 2019
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Female Leader, Lyndell Fogarty, CEO performHR

Lyndell Fogarty CEO performHR started her business 10 years ago, with a vision of providing a HR service model that allowed business leaders to focus on leading, growing and protecting their organisations. Ten years on and performHR is leading the way in how professional HR delivery can be – pragmatic, agile and...

25 March, 2019
BLOG Image Mythbusting Women and Employment

Mythbusting – Women and Employment

Five Ways You Can Bust Myths About Women and Why It’s Important Inequity, inequality and injustice are sure things to get me fired up. When Libby Lyons, Director of WGEA recently posted on Twitter about a (small) drop in the gender pay gap, the thread of comments that followed were an illuminating insight into...