Back to school bags and lunch boxes

Back to school bags and lunch boxes

You are slowly emerging from the New Year fog. The recycling bin is still overflowing with Christmas cardboard (and maybe a few vino bottles). All of a sudden you hear a thud on your front lawn. Was it a bird? Was it the postie? No, it was the largest ream of catalogues you have ever seen. The person who threw it from their car must have been working on their biceps for the 11 months’ prior to lobbing this haul. The large sound of that thump can only mean one thing. Back to school catalogues. You curse yourself for not making the ‘no junk mail’ sign larger. So, to save you space in your recycling bin that may be needed for an extra-crisp dry white wine bottle, here are some Back to School suggestions. But before you read our tips, pop out and make a larger ‘no junk mail’ sign. Here are some back to school bags and lunch boxes from Femeconomy approved brands.

Target school bags

I was recently told by a 15 year old that backpacks are out and over the shoulder bags are in. So if you’re looking for style and not a good posture, Target’s Wembley Weekender Bag may buy a studious year from your teenager.

Target's Wembley Weekender bag

Target lunch boxes

This Cool Bag Satchel is so cute, you may find your child wanting to go on regular picnics. Imagine, your child picnicking in the backyard happily, while you are sitting down drinking a hot cup of tea inside. Yes, I said sitting down and hot cup of tea and I meant it.

Smash Cool Bag Satchel Target

David Jones Skip Hop backpack and lunch box

You may enjoy to outfit your kinder child in a matching backpack and lunchbox and if so, David Jones has some gorgeous offerings from Skip Hop, like this lightning number.


Kmart Backpacks

Kmart are offering oodles of backpacks. Some are served with a pencil case and water bottle, like this three piece bundle.

Kmart backpack-bundle

Kmart lunch accessories

So many lunch items are available at Kmart, it feels like you are accessorising your child’s lunch box. Does this seven piece lunch kit take your fancy?

Kmart 7-piece-lunch-kit

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