Australian Women's Progress Gender Equality

Australian Women’s Progress

It has been noted by some wise folk that women’s rights are human rights, and that gender equality is fundamentally about a fair go for everyone. These two principles Femeconomy passionately subscribes to and we hope that you are right behind us.

If you are one of the approximately 50% of the population who were by random chance born into the world a female, then I’m sure you get this and have personally experienced the painful rub of gender inequality. If you are a bloke reading this, we know many of you also support these values in word and deed, and also understand that much more action needs to be taken to change our society to reflect true equality.

To pinch some more words from others, and quote a proverb my history teacher Mrs Mulder used often, “if you keep one eye on the past then you are blind in one eye; but if you keep two eyes on the future then you are blind in both”.  In that spirit, let’s have a look at Australian women’s progress (actions not words) towards gender equality from olden days to now, highlights of which you can see in our infographic.

It’s a revealing snapshot of how far Australian women have progressed towards equality. If you, like us, thought after reading the infographic that progress was too slow, and you were shocked that in 1980 women still needed their husband’s approval on a passport application, join the crowd and let’s do something about it! We want to accelerate closing the gender gap, which at current forecasts doesn’t happen until 2221, by using economic power that we have as consumers.

Our vision for Femeconomy is that YOU will TAKE ACTION to lift up women by choosing Brands who have women in leadership, and that we will achieve equality long before 2221.

Tell us what you think about it, and share the story of Australian women’s progress towards gender equality .

Australian Women's Progress Infographic


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Posted by Jade Collins - Femeconomy Founder

Mother, wife, daughter, determined dreamer. Lover of books. Background in Human Resources leadership in global organisations.