National NAIDOC Ebook, Because of Her, We Can

Announcing the 12 Female Leaders for the National NAIDOC Because of Her, We Can Ebook

Before we announce the amazing 12 female leaders, let me share Artist Casey Coolwell’s statement behind the incredible image above she created to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Islander Female Leadership within this project:

Growing and sharing knowledge

As women we learn, share and grow off one another, to encourage, feed and protect our people, just like the powers of a tree.

The centre circle line work represents the growing lines of a tree’s core and the strength of our Elders.

The gathering dots around it and the outer leaves indicate its power to feed our people with its resources, water, food, animals and medicine.

The small U shaped elements represent our strong and powerful women gathered around to protect their community.

The scattered white dots represent our Ancestors watching over and helping guide our women through this process

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women have already taught me so much. I can’t wait to learn more and share their knowledge.

From our partners on this project, Sharon Kinchela and Chris Figg from Ngiyani, who first linked arms with us to demonstrate sisterhood is colour blind. To Torres Strait Island Mayor, Vonda Malone who shared the fact that the Torres Strait Islander population could be Australia’s first climate change refugees. To an Aboriginal woman I had lunch with at the Women and Leadership Symposium event in Brisbane last week. Following a session, she told me about the term “Crab in a Bucket”. This is her community’s version of Tall Poppy Syndrome because as the crab climbs to the top of the bucket, the others pull it down. Ngiyani and Femeconomy believe we have a role in breaking this stigma and instead of people pulling women down for being ambitious or succeeding we hear people say, “Because of Her, We Can.”

12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women will be featured in the National NAIDOC Because of Her, We Can Ebook

The Queensland Government’s Office for Women have funded this national storytelling and business networking project. It is fantastic to see they had the foresight and generosity to think beyond their own borders and embrace the need to amplify Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women on a national platform.

Each business listed below becomes a Platinum Member of Femeconomy and receives a mentoring session with our project partner, Ngiyani. The National NAIDOC Ebook will be launched during NAIDOC Week 2018 and Femeconomy and Ngiyani will continue to share the stories of the female leaders until NAIDOC Week 2019.

We all have much to learn from the women listed below. Join us on this journey to share knowledge and grow as a nation.

Cherissma Blackman – Director, Ngardu Training and Development

Ngardu Training and Development provide consultancy for Indigenous Programs, Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) review, development & implementation and cultural competencies training.

Christine Ross – Managing Director and Owner, Christine Ross Consultancy

Based in Western Australia and specialising in Indigenous employment programs, facilitating Indigenous conferences, events and forums, mentoring and diverse training programs.

Dr Donna Odegaard AM – Owner and Founder, Aboriginal Broadcasting Australia

Aboriginal Broadcasting Australia, Australia’s home of Indigenous Media is 100% Aboriginal owned and operated. We broadcast across Darwin, Northern Territory and Australia.

Leah Cameron – Principal Lawyer, Director and Owner, Marrawah Law

Specialist native title and cultural heritage legal services throughout Queensland.

Julie-Ann Lambourne – CEO and Founder, enVizion Group

Specialising in the delivery of pre-employment, life skills, mentor training and engagement and delivery of Registered Training Organisation certified relevant courses and customised in-house or on-site training programs.

Kristal Kinsela – Partner and Director, Indigenous Professional Services

Indigenous Professional Services provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and value-for money professional services. We don’t just deliver the best consulting services, we also create meaningful pathways for Indigenous professionals.

Nathalie McLean – Owner and Educator, Junjurri Workshop

Junjurri Workshop is an interactive art and storytelling workshop developed as a learning tool for kinder and primary aged students designed by Aboriginal artist and educator Nathalie McLean.

Kylee Fitzpatrick – Founder and CEO, Team Women Australia

Team Women Australia is a not for profit specialising in the power of storytelling to inspire, empower women to stand up for themselves and each other living a courageous and confident.

Kylie-Lee Bradford – Founder and Owner, Kakadu Tiny Tots

Authentic aboriginal clothing, accessories and artwork. All of our designs originate and are uniquely handcrafted in remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Nola Turner-Jensen – Principal Director and Owner, Crackerjack Education

Inspiring students and teachers from every culture, with the stories, skills and knowledge of Ancient Australia. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teaching resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum

Rebecca Wessels – Founder and Managing Director, Ochre Dawn Creative Industries

Quality promotional products for community events or corporate gifts to customised Aboriginal artwork and innovative email branding, we love to share our clients’ stories in visually captivating ways.

Sandra King – Owner and Director, Sandra King Management

An Aboriginal owned business that directs, manages and presents events, fashion parades, model training and community programs based in South East Queensland

Snap Underwood is our Creative Partner on the ebook

We’re delighted to be working with Karen Seage and her team from Snap Underwood, including Artist Casey Coolwell and Graphic Designer, Maryanne O’Grady on this project. Karen has also commissioned a Torres Strait Islander female artist to represent the Torres Strait within the ebook.


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