Amanda Patterson

Amanda Patterson, Director, Principal & Licensee, Local Realty

For Amanda Patterson, Director, Principal and Licensee of Local Realty, people and community are at the center of what she does. Her business Local Realty is now over 10 years old, and was born from her own experience managing property sales and purchases, and a desire to make the process more seamless and less stressful for others. Amanda is also determined to ensure her workplace is fair, honest, transparent and fun.

As a business owner located in regional Tweed Heads, she believes ongoing community contribution and support are integral to wellbeing.

How does your leadership style give Local Realty Sales & Rentals a competitive advantage?

My leadership style is based around Values, once I drilled down to understand WHY I am in business and established my Values it has inspired staff to work along side me to make sure these values are part of everyday dealings, we live and breathe the values. We talk about them and we refer them back to transactions we have every day. The ‘Competitive Edge’ to me is knowing that our clients are genuinely well looked after, we don’t cut corners, we take responsibility for actions and we genuinely love the people we work with. Our people at Local Realty are the competitive edge.

How has the real estate industry in your region changed?

It is constantly changing, no two days are the same. It’s an interesting industry as there are so many fragments of information delivered about this industry that we constantly deal with customers who are spruiking the media whether it’s from a newspaper article, a friend, financial advisor or social media. In this region we have an underlying demand for housing which is constant, we really need more property for the interstate migration and for the area growth.

The demand continues to increase, which we see reflected in pricing and vacancy rates in the rental market. This year especially has seen many challenges in our region with the earlier flood events in the year putting added pressure on the market with displaced families losing their homes.

What is your advice to people who are interested in working in the real estate industry?

Set your personal values to understand WHY you want to be in this industry. When you are in the business find a mentor to help you along the way. Respect other agents and keep kindness in your heart even when the deal doesn’t go your way. Educate yourself constantly.

How does Local Sales & Realty support the local community?

Living each day with our Value statement helps us contribute our best selves to our community as humans. We support and are involved with sponsorships of sporting clubs, not for profit organisations and charity events. During challenging times we volunteer and contribute when and where we can or are needed. Sometimes we simply help someone in the street that pops into our shop, even if it is to use our bathroom or photocopier.  The most important thing is what we take away ourselves when we help others. There is no feeling like it.


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