Advancing Women in Business

Advancing Women in Business – The Femeconomy Connection Program Female Leaders

At Femeconomy our community is inclusive, diverse and willing to discuss opportunities that will continue to create gender equality through consumer and procurement choices. We amplify our female leaders, and their businesses, and help them grow their network throughout Queensland, nationally and internationally.

What we’ve demonstrated at Femeconomy is that women from different industries and walks of life can unite in one community

Often, women from different backgrounds are separated. This dilutes the strength of our collective voice. The joy of events like the Women of the World Festival and companies like ours, is that we are creating a safe space where every woman feels like she belongs. No matter her cultural heritage, geographical location, industry background, age or sexuality.

Women in regional and rural Queensland

The Advancing Women in Business Initiative has given Femeconomy the opportunity to welcome more women from rural and regional Queensland into our community. Personally, this is very important to Jade and I. Jade grew up on a 160 acres west of Rockhampton on a farm. My parents were publicans in Mackay and Townsville, so I grew up living in pubs. The Femeconomy Connection will help regional and rural female business owners create a network to reduce feelings of isolation and to honestly share their current reality.

10 female Queensland business leaders have been accepted into our collaborative network through The Femeconomy Connection Program.

We’re looking forward to helping the leaders below create tailored opportunities to fit in with their work life blend. The Femeconomy Connection Program is funded by The Queensland Government’s Department of Employment, Small Business and Training as part of their Advancing Women in Business Initiative.

Over the coming months we will be profiling the leadership journey and business of each female leader selected for The Femeconomy Connection Program. Until then, enjoy their business snapshot below!

Alison Shaw, Director, Tambo Teddies, Tambo

Tambo Teddies create unique handcrafted sheepskin teddy bears in the middle of the Outback. Each teddy bear is unique and handmade in Australia from sheepskin. Tambo Teddies take pride of place in homes all over the world including royal palaces in England and Denmark.

Amanda Campbell, Principal and Owner, Encompass Allied Health, Gladstone

Encompass Allied Health offers mobile health services to people living with frailty, increasing age and disability. All too often people from regional, rural and remote areas of Australia are unable to access the services they require in order to help them achieve optimum health and wellness.

Cecily McGuckin, CEO, Queensland Steel and Sheet, Brisbane

Queensland Steel and Sheet is a privately owned, Queensland based, Australian Company, established in 1985. They have built a proud reputation for professional high quality product, service, support at the right price.

Chrissy Leontios, CLEON Legal and Mediation Services, Townsville

CLEON Legal and Mediation Services is a unique, boutique law firm. CLEON specialises in family law, family mediation, domestic violence law (for both aggrieved and respondent), victim assist applications and criminal law.

Lara Wilde, Driver, Wilde Drive, Middlebrook

With more than 20 years of driving experience, Lara has learnt a lot of lessons behind the wheel. Regardless of if you are crossing a country or driving your daily commute to work, Lara can offer you safe, simple stylish advice for adventures on the road through her business, Wilde Drive.

Patrice Brown, Director and CEO, CQG Consulting, Rockhampton

CQG Consulting is an established professional environmental consulting business. They ensure the environmental, social and cultural impacts resulting from development are considered, and sustainable practices are identified and implemented. Working with Traditional Owners, tourism, industry, mining and the agricultural sector to reduce environmental footprints and deliver innovative solutions.

Sarah-Joy Pierce, Strategist and Owner, Joyful Communications, Rockhampton

Joyful Communications specialises in public relations, copy-writing, editorial and strategy development. Working with businesses from solo-preneurs to globally recognised companies, Joyful Communications solves public relations and communications challenges and places companies in front of their ideal clients.

Stacey Borsboom, Psychologist, Revise Psychology, Rockhampton

Revise Psychology provides psychological services for children, adolescents and adults in Rockhampton and surrounding areas. The business has helped grow available psychological services in central Queensland and continues to challenge the stigma around mental health and help-seeking.

Stacey Hughes, Director and Business Manager, CQ Nutrition, Rockhampton

CQ Nutrition is a Dietitian Practice currently servicing Central Queensland with a vision to build a global brand for their nutrition education programs.

Stevie Angel, Director, Active Truth, Brisbane

Active Truth™ was founded by two women who believe in loving and looking after your body for the right reasons – health, happiness, energy and enjoyment. The duo set out to create a label that women could rely on for high-quality fashionable activewear whatever their size, shape or stage of life. They believed all women wanted the same high-performance styles in beautiful prints so they developed a size-inclusive range (AU 6 to 26), including maternity styles.


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Posted by Alanna Bastin-Byrne - Femeconomy Director

CEO of the house, community builder and a globetrotting nomad. Background in Marketing and Communications leadership in the UK and Australia.