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Active Underwear So You Can Just Be

When you’re a kid, you just – BE. You don’t worry about what anyone thinks of you, or what you wear, or who you hang out with or have a crush on, or what books you like to read. You don’t care who you offend with your music tastes and dancing skills. You just BE. At Tom-Boi, we can’t really think of a good reason why as grown ups, we should care about any of that stuff either. So we don’t.

We are true to our true selves, through and through. We act how we want. We play how (and what) we want (though we always play nice). We hang with whoever we want. We crush on whoever we want and best of all, we wear whatever we damn well want!

At Tom-Boi, we make super comfortable, super practical and dare we say, super cute threads for active chicks. So that you can (you guessed it)… just BE.

With the comfort and style of men’s fashion in mind, Tom-Boi creates practical threads for fearless girls.

Ideal for an active lifestyle but also great for everyday wear as well. All Tom-Boi garments are highly breathable with 95% cotton, 5% elastane fabric and double cotton lining for extra comfort. Each piece has flat stitched seams, tagless construction and the signature Tom-Boi slim waistband.


Tom-Boi gives you an all-day ride in comfort when you pull on a pair of our hipster briefs. Designed with the active yet stylish wearer in mind.

Tom-Boi Briefs


The Boi-Leg delivers what you expect when you think comfort teaming up with style for a union that creates a flattering and non-judgemental cut. This super cute short style stands out from the rest thanks to its cool style and premium technical details, making them super soft against your skin. Their shape and material creates perfect comfort.

Tom-Boi Boylegs


Tom-Boi brings Boi-Boxers to the women who love them. For everyday comfort, our cotton stretch Boxer has a low-rise waist with the signature Tom-Boi printed band waist elastic. The boxer is inspired by the classic men’s underwear (but made for the style-conscious tomboy). They come in a range of colours and prints to suit any mood or outfit as well as the traditional black, white and grey. Oh, and we have kept the design of a cheeky front pocket which we know you will love!

Tom-Boi Boxers

We care about people and the planet

It is important to us here at Tom-Boi that we not only provide awesome clothes for our fellow tomboys but to also be accountable and responsible for the products we produce. We are on our way to having a full range that is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. So, when you buy from us you know can happily wear your gear knowing you made a sustainable and ethical purchase and have helped to make the world a better place (insert smiley face here).


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Posted by Alanna Bastin-Byrne - Femeconomy Director

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