sea celebration in silk

A Sea Celebration in Silk and Wool

Australia is unique. The light. The summer heat. The beaches. The tropical flowers. Midnight swims at the beach when it is too hot to sleep. Glimpses of boats on the harbor as you zip around the city of Sydney.

Margot’s scarves are a fresh interpretation on quintessentially Australian and Sydney experiences.

“My mother once told me that the sea gets under your skin and never leaves you. I have lived and travelled to many places and always have to return to sit and be by the beaches and Sydney’s beautiful harbor. They are a medicine and constant canvas.”

Each design is about Margot and her home of Sydney, which she loves and is passionately trying to keep creatively alive. As an avid traveller, textiles became the constant thread of Margot’s career and travels. Margot started designing collections for some of the industry leaders in Australia and internationally.

Keeping the design culture alive in Sydney and Australia.

Increasing amounts of manufacturing and production are going offshore. However, Margot has intentionally kept all production local, helping to keep the design culture alive and important creative opportunities available.

Margot Design’s second collection, LA MER

Inspired by watching large storms roll in and the change in mood of the water on a winter’s day of Sydney’s beaches.

The oversized designs are printed on a silk, wool twill base cloth, taken from hand painted drawings of shells, seaweed and the water wonderland that is the ocean. The scarf designs are printed on wool, and are designed to be timeless and season-less. They large enough to wrap yourself in, or throw on the end of the bed. Each scarf is hand finished and beautiful lightweight with a cashmere feel. Each design is available as limited artwork, if you think they are too pretty to wear.

Coquilles Scarf

Margot Design Coquilles Scarf

Margot Design Coquilles Scarf










Coral  Scarf

Margot Design Coral ScarfMargot Design Coral Scarf

La Mer

Margot Design La MerMargot Design Jardin de la Mer

Jardin de la Mer

Margot Design Jardin De La MerMargot Design Jardin De La Mer


Margot Margot Warre Margot DesignsWarre

Artist and designer recently returned to Sydney to release her own textile collections, working with local ethically chosen Sydney suppliers and luxury natural fibres, to create a bespoke quality product. MARGOT DESIGN is made in Sydney and is quintessentially about Sydney.

Margot has designed collections for some of the industry leaders, such as Mokum Textiles, Warwick Fabrics and Sheridan. And has collaborated with some of Australia’s leading creative’s on niche projects, such as artwork for the Intercontinental Dubai and with artist, Craig Ruddy. Her designs have been released in over 50 countries and she was nominated by The Age newspaper as one of Australia’s design “Trail blazers – who are conquering the world”.



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