Sash & Belle 6 Tips for Busy Mums

6 Tips for Busy Mums

I don’t know why we do it, but as women we love to make our life busy. It is an incredible juggle raising a young family whilst building a business. I am crazy to be raising two children, building two businesses (Sash & Belle, Gungahlin Collective by Sash & Belle) and completing a business scholarship! And of course, don’t forget we must make sure we are looking after ourselves, getting exercise, eating well and fitting in the daily chores of washing, cooking, cleaning and tantrums (mine and the kids!). Here are my 6 tips for for busy Mums like me!


Grab a diary, note book, or app and starting writing everything down, organisation is key! When you are a working, running a business or a house and wrangling children it can sometime feel like you are living in a holding pattern, or not achieving much. I am sure you are but just don’t realise it. It is so satisfying to be able to cross items off your to do list. My ‘To Do’ list rules both my personal life and my professional life. I use a combination of a notebook and the Wunderlist App, I am trying to only use the App as my phone is always with me but it hard to let go of the paper one! My ‘To Do’ list helps me feel in control.


Prepare that ‘To Do’ list and get focused. Your working hours are finite, make the most of them and employ strategies that allow you to use your time well. Whether you are employed or work from home, find a pattern of work that suits you and your family.


Work your schedule and commitments, really break them down, to see whether you need to complete them yourself or would you be in a much stronger position by outsourcing to someone else, so you can focus on your core business. I know what my strengths and weaknesses are. That is why I have a bookkeeper and graphic designer engaged. I also have a cleaner who comes once a fortnight. It takes so much pressure off. Also, look around at your personal support network, can your partner, mother, siblings or friends spend a little extra time with your children when you’re under the pump? I am a true believer that if you have that ‘To Do’ list under control you can focus and have more quality time together with your partner and children.


Take care of your health, eat well, do what you love, whether that is reading a book, going for a walk, the gym, going to the movies or having a massage. Be selfish sometimes, just for a little bit on a regular basis, you will enjoy it and your family will thank you for being calmer and happy. My favourite ME time is to go for a massage….BLISS.


Make sure you take time out to look back at all that you have achieved and how far you’ve come since you first decided to go into business. Be proud of yourself for overcoming the fear of failure (sometimes that feeling can come back daily, but push it aside and be confident!). Celebrate your achievements how you want, buy a bottle of champagne, have a massage, go on a holiday! If you don’t take time out to recharge and reward yourself, you’ll get burnout sooner or later. Take the time, you deserve it!


Function is paramount! As the owner of Sash & Belle handbags I am on a mission to combine fashion and function. With the rise of the mobile business lifestyle, I design for working mums and corporate women on the go. I design smart handbags that maximise compartmental storage and silhouette.

Although the exterior of the bag will dictate its style and fashion, the interior is what serves you. So, what will you be carrying to work? How would you like to arrange them? These are the questions I have asked myself and other business woman to come up with the ultimate work handbags. With the Sash & Belle work bags such as the Belle, Sofia and Imani, you get adequate space in the interior for your laptop, iPad notebook, diary, tech cords, glasses, makeup and other personal items. We want to be your go to work handbag.

Belle handbag in stone

Sash and Belle Work Handbag in Stone

Sofia work handbag in black/blush

Imani work handbag in black and coffee

Sash and Belle Imani Handbag in Black and Coffee

About Kristy McPhillips, Creator & Designer, Sash & Belle

Kristy McPhillips, Owner, Sash and Belle

As a mother of two, I have worked in the Corporate arena for over 16 years and I found myself facing two dilemmas after I had my babies and had to transition from corporate world to baby world, and the baby world back to the corporate world, twice. I struggled to find the perfect Nappy Bag, and similarly, struggled to find that perfect Business Bag that was stylish, yet versatile, and didn’t make me feel like I was hogging around a suitcase to work everyday. So I decided to create my own solution.

At Sash & Belle we don’t believe in sacrificing fashion for function which is why our mission is to redefine the standard for the style and quality of Nappy, Work and Everyday Bags for the busy contemporary woman.

We want to provide our clients with freedom of choice in their purchase decisions which is why we proudly stock bags made from Vegan Leather and Leather. Each and every one of our products are meticulously designed with versatility, style and you, as the busy on-the-go woman at the forefront. As your sidekick to cover you for whatever the day or night holds, we exist to deliver bespoke designed bags for everyone. From the busy mumpreneur to the corporate goal-kicker, to the fun, active or poised – you will always be tres chic with your Sash & Belle.


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