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5 reasons to love startup world

Startups are hard work. You start with building a small business that no one has ever heard of, thought of or knew they needed. Your dream? To globally scale. I like to reflect on what I am grateful for in life. These are my five reasons for loving startup world at Femeconomy. I would love to hear your reasons.

1. The startup ecosystem’s culture – it’s honest (sometimes brutally so)

People don’t temper their thoughts because they don’t have time and they know it won’t help. This frankness would be difficult to replicate in an organisation due to the political atmosphere that already exists. Brutal honesty can have fall out in an organisation where you may have to interact again and again. Not so in a startup, because you are yearning for learning that will pivot your idea. Even very negative feedback may give you insights as to how to handle issues in the media or may refine your key messages.

2. The accessibility of big wigs and the generosity of fellow startups

So far the people that have helped shape Femeconomy include:

3. Working with my sister-in-law

Working with family goes against most mainstream advice, ‘tis true. But if you could choose to work with someone every day who is passionate, understanding, calm, organised, intelligent, fun, brave and wanting to make a difference in the world, wouldn’t you? We’ve spent 15 years learning about each other personally and professionally, which has given Femeconomy a strong foundation. Over a week we laugh, cry, get frustrated, angry and celebrate together. Sometimes all of these things happen in one day! Thanks for riding the rollercoaster with me Jade.

4. It’s a brave new world

I thrive in organisations going through multiple changes. It excites me. I am addicted to new things. In building Femeconomy I can use my marketing, community engagement and management experience, whilst simultaneously throwing out the old text books as they aren’t relevant in this brave new world. An example is revealing your minimum viable product. Knowing you are promoting a less than perfect product to see if the idea has traction with customers, goes against my grain. But those who know me, know I love a challenge.

5. Escaping the attendance mentality

Traditional workplaces measure the time you are at your desk rather than your output. I work when my kids are asleep. I’ve worked at playgroups on my computer in the dollhouse section, when I have a babysitter for my son for two hours. I have walking meetings on the phone as my kids explore the neighbours’ front yards and yes, once my daughter joined me for a podcast interview! I want to watch my kids grow up and I want a career too.

If you’re a startup business, what inspires you to get out of bed every day?

Posted by Alanna Bastin-Byrne - Femeconomy Director

CEO of the house, community builder and a globetrotting nomad. Background in Marketing and Communications leadership in the UK and Australia.