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4 Stylish and Smart Fashion Trend Updates

Don’t break the bank with the latest fashion trends. Every season we see fashion trends come and go more rapidly as designers struggle to keep up with demands and consumers turn to fast fashion to wear the latest pieces at affordable prices. Not all of us have stacks of cash to burn so we simply have to be smart about how we transform our wardrobes every season to keep up with the latest fashion and style trends. With 2017 welcoming Pantone’s colour of choice, Greenery, alongside the faux fur and corset belt trends, we’re here to assure you that there are style shortcuts that can stretch your dollars and your closet cycle.

Shop smart and invest in these 4 fashion trend updates in 2017 so you can look like the ultimate style-setter.

Add a fashion trend piece of colour

Every season there is a colour that will infiltrate wardrobes, buildings, interior design, food, travel and so much more. This year, we’ve embraced Greenery and last year we made room for Rose Quartz and Serenity. The fastest and easiest way to inject the latest fashion trends into you everyday style is by playing with the shade of the season. Add a hint of on-trend colour with a scarf or wear a block coloured dress for the ultimate statement. Femeconomy recommends Bloomingdale’s Tory Burch Trocadero Neckerchief or ASOS Maternity Off Shoulder Bell Sleeve Dress.

Tory Burch Scarf

Bloomingdale’s Tory Burch Trocadero Neckerchief

ASOS Maternity Off Shoulder Bell Sleeve Dress

ASOS Maternity Off Shoulder Bell Sleeve Dress

Add a fashion trend piece of texture

This 2017 autumn winter we’re seeing faux fur take over the runways and our Instagram feeds. To grasp on to the latest fashion trends add one piece of texture to you wardrobe and work it back with your timeless staples. We all need one over-the-top style favourite that represents the year that was. Femeconomy’s suggestions include Nicola Waite’s Crop Fur Jacket or H&M’s Hooded Faux Fur Jacket.

Nicola Waite's Crop Fur Jacket

Nicola Waite’s Crop Fur Jacket

H&M's Hooded Faux Fur Jacket

H&M’s Hooded Faux Fur Jacket

Add a fashion trend piece in a pattern or silhouette

Silhouettes or patterns date without any mercy, which is why you need to choose wisely. If you opt for a pattern, think less is more. A piece that only has the latest pattern trend on the cuff or hemline will wear for longer than one season. Should you decide on a bold floral print jumpsuit – this may scream last season quite quickly. By choosing an ‘it-moment’ silhouette, it’s best to work with a neutral colour as it will kindly see the distance season after season. This year in 2017 we’re seeing lot of accentuated shoulders. So think: off the shoulder, shoulder pads and even structured shouldered blazers. For a pattern suggestion, Femeconomy has selected Nicole Miller’s Stretch Linen Bell Sleeve Dress or for an ‘it-moment’ silhouette try Little Joe Woman’s Dreaming Blouse.

Nicole Miller's Stretch Linen Bell Sleeve Dress

Nicole Miller’s Stretch Linen Bell Sleeve Dress

Little Joe Woman's Dreaming Blouse

Little Joe Woman’s Dreaming Blouse

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Add a fashion trend accessory

Accessories are a fun way to experiment with the latest fashion trends. Currently, designers have highlighted the corset belt as the ultimate style staple for 2017. Layer them over crisp striped shirts, relaxed tees, bodycon dresses and the list goes on. It’s an accessory update that outlines feminine curves dramatically. The best bit is that they’re available as traditional boned lace ups or elastic belts with buttons or hooks. So simple! Femeconomy recommends Witchery’s Corset Belt or Bardot’s Waist Corset Belt.

Witchery Corset Belt

Witchery Corset Belt

Bardot Waist Corset Belt

Bardot’s Waist Corset Belt

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