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3 Ways Business Images Tell a Story

When considering imagery for your business, it is imperative to think through the story you are telling and how you will address it. To help you, Yve Lavine Photography has shared three things to consider when building your brand’s imagery.


Every picture is a tiny snap shot of the world. Framing is everything. We read everything in the frame, consciously and unconsciously. So whatever is in the picture is a reference to what is important. That glass of wine, the person’s hand on your shoulder. If we see it, it matters. It’s fine if you want this association. But, we all have associated meaning and your meaning and my meaning may not be the same as yours. So be careful of being too laid-back.

Subject tip: If you’re after a professional look be clear about your business and what you want associated with it and you.


We generate style through the content of the image. From the energy of the subject, attire, location and time of day. And of course, processing the image for example is it black and white, highly saturated, colourful or retro?

Think about where you want to be for your story to feature. Would a city street, funky office, beach, park, or studio be the best for your story? Is it daytime or evening? Is your business audience youthful, vibrant, family oriented or part of the business community? Are you wanting to be depicted as a professional or a tradie? This will help us read the story as you intend and place you in the right market space.

Style tip: Have a few reference image ideas you like. This is exactly like haircut references from magazines. Do the same for your business images. Don’t ad-lib.


The quality of an image is important. A homeless person can have dignity and grace. A top CEO can have an image that is shoddy and demeaning. The quality of an image refers to the technical execution. Lighting and how the camera sees you is a skill that enables a good photographer to get best in any given situation. Having poor quality images will reflect in the perception of your business.

About Yve Lavine Photography

Yve Lavine Photography

Yve Lavine is a portrait and event photographer helping Sydney business owners and professionals develop their personal branding.

Her passion is people, helping others reach their potential and doing great things be it through their business or personal endeavours.







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