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3 Essential Luxury Bags for Successful Women

In a world full of luxury bags there’s a lot of choice. But when you’ve achieved great success in your work and home life, it calls for a special accessory. One beyond the norm in style and meaning to express your lot in life.

Avery Verse luxury handbags are designed with a social, environmental and aspirational ethos.

We’ve created ladies handbags that are fulfilling on multiple levels. Our range is handcrafted from eco-friendly Italian vegetable tanned leather. This is a sustainable means of preparing ethically sourced leather for manufacture. Alongside this, we donate proceeds from every sale to charities with a proven record of change. For 2017, we’ve partnered with water.org. Enjoy our three essential luxury bags for the successful woman.

The Ballad Handbag

Routinely praised for its unique shape, bold colours and stylish yet practical size, the Ballad handbag is our bestseller and a much beloved handbag. The expressive red Italian leather grabs attention without the need to sell oneself short to get it. The dignified aesthetic makes it a must for every woman who has reached rare heights. The Ballad is particularly sought after by our customers for racing carnivals and charity dinners, which, as any C-Suite lady would know, is an event that’s bound to appear on your calendar.

Avery Verse Ballad luxury bag

Ballad handbag

The Sublime Handbag

Designed by co-founder, Christie Cook, the Sublime handbag is adored for its on trend rectangular shape and refined colour palette. Available in aubergine and a deep moss green it is special as an expression of the company’s existence from what was once just a glimmer of an idea and for its ability to transcend form and function. This unique handbag can be at once a practical workhorse carrying all the essentials and slung from your shoulder with its detachable strap. Or, a chic expression of feminine strength with its top handle and elegant gold hardware.

Avery Verse Sublime handbag

Sublime handbag

The Belmore Shoulder Bag

To attain everything one could aspire for is already quite a challenge and it’s made maddeningly harder by the vicissitudes of life. In this milieu of character building problems, societal hurdles and surprises that no one could foresee, we created the Belmore shoulder bag. Highly elegant by design. A strong triangular flap as an emphatic feature. Gorgeous in dark chocolate Italian leather. This is a practical shoulder bag for when you’re running late and overworked but resolute about who you are and where you stand in life.

Avery Verse Belmore luxury bag

Belmore handbag

A designer leather handbag is a must have accessory and these three Avery Verse designs were crafted with the successful woman in mind. She has more going on in her life than any generation before her and is determined to look great while meeting the challenges of the day head on.

Taylor and Christie Cook are the Co-founders of Australian luxury handbag brand, Avery Verse.


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