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Female Leader

Emma Heuston, Ready to Boss Legal

Emma Heuston is a lawyer, entrepreneur, writer and Founder and Director of the virtual law firm, Ready to Boss Legal. Emma has been a lawyer for 22 years and is passionate about providing online business owners, especially women, with access to the legal and mentoring help they need to boss with confidence

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Female Leader

Lisa Saunders & Natalie Moore: Own Your Health Collective

Lisa Saunders and Natalie Moore help women reach their life peak through holistic health and wellbeing, with a core focus on menstrual cycles and menopause. Own Your Health Collective focuses on helping women to be empowered, so they can embrace the impact and opportunity of these phases for their life, health and careers

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Mariam Elliott: Middle East Connect & Cultural Advisors

Mariam Elliott is the Managing Director of Middle East Connect & Cultural Advisors, translation and interpreting service providers and cross cultural trainers/advisors for business and tourism, specialising in the Arab Gulf and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. As a member of Femeconomy since 2018, Mariam approached us wanting to focus her interview on her experiences as a Businesswoman of Colour, to share her challenges and provide insight on what we can all do to create equal opportunities for Businesswomen of Colour.

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Mariam Elliott

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