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Last year alone women spent $874 billion.
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Female Leader

Brooke MacGregor & Tammy Stanton

Female Leader Conversations Ebook Feature, Managing Director of Genergy Australia, Brooke MacGregor & Platinum Electricians Morningside Director, Tammy Stanton said, “We all have so much potential to influence the female agenda every day whether it is at work, or at home. Never doubt your power”.

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Gender Equality

Busting the Barriers for Women in Sport

Many of the barriers to women advancing in sport are invisible, entrenched yet can be relatively easily eliminated. If organisations are serious, then there are three questions to ask.

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Feature Category

Gender Equality Consulting Services: The Why

When you’ve done the hard yards with an executive team for months to get a business case endorsed for leadership development or diversity and inclusion initiatives, you’re personally invested in its success. The credibility and performance of the providers you engage and entrust with your intervention is crucial. The last thing you want is to engage a provider who is a poor values fit, or performs poorly due to lack of capability or ability to connect with the leadership team or workforce.

We are curating a small, diverse portfolio of Gender Equality Consulting Service providers who are established, quality providers in the market. They are industry thought leaders and disrupters who authentically value diversity, inclusion and gender equality who have demonstrated track record of delivering large scale change across industry sectors.

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