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or are 50% female owned. So far over 800 brands meet our criteria.

Last year alone women spent $874 billion.
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Gender Equality

Prepare to lead your next pay negotiation

Other Side of the Table Founder and Author of I Love Negotiation, Sam Trattles shares her tips on preparing for your next pay negotiation.

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Gender Equality

Financial Being Webinar with Canna Campbell, by QSuper

Join well known financial adviser Canna Campbell for a 45-minute financial wellbeing webinar, 12:00-12:45pm, Wed 5 June. Learn how to focus on money solutions rather than money problems, why being in control of your finances is so important, and the importance of being financially independent.

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Flexible Working Day – 22 May 2019

Flexible Working Day on 22 May 2019 creates a national conversation.In 2018 the Workplace Gender Equality Agency reported that 70.7% of employers have a policy or strategy for flexible working, but only 5.2% have set targets for employee engagement.

Mainstreaming flexible working for all is key to advancing gender equality. The term flexible working takes on different meanings for individuals and can be applied many ways within organisations.

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