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Femeconomy certified businesses have at least 30% of women on the Board of Directors
or are 50% female owned. So far over 850 brands meet our criteria.
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Female Leaders

Supporting Rural Women in Business

Supporting rural women in business directly impacts economic security, women’s workforce participation, economic and social outcomes. Rural business women living and operating their businesses from drought affected, very remote Queensland shared with us their experience.

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Female Leader

Sandy Abram, Ollee

Sandy Abram Founder of Ollee has over 15 years business experience in the organic and ethical space. During the tumult of 2020, when Australia was ravaged by bushfires, floods, droughts and COVID-19, Sandy and her business partner Belinda decided they wanted to do more to support Australian businesses, and founded Ollee.

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Take charge of your financial wellbeing, QSuper: Female Leader Conversations Ezine

Regardless of how much you earn, being financially empowered is about taking control of your money, having confidence to invest in yourself, and conquering feelings of anxiety about spending and saving. Financial empowerment also means you have room to make mistakes and deal with life’s surprises. Looking after your financial wellbeing means you can enjoy today, feeling confident that you will be right later.

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