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Queensland Voices

Shaan Ross-Smith

Shaan is the Director of the MATE Bystander Program at Griffith University, focused on the role of the bystander in preventing violence against women. She passionately believes that by communicating the vital role of the bystander in disrupting any and all conversations that disrespect women, we will change the world.

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Female Leader Conversations

Mia De Rauch

Mia de Rauch is an evangelist on the power of video to help companies connect with customers. Having worked in film production for over 17 years, Mia understands the potential of the medium, and has mastered its use in driving brand awareness through storytelling.

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Feature Category

Mersi Halilovic, Amanda Tan & Elinor Moshe - Founders Workshop&

Amanda Tan, Elinor Moshe and Mersi Halilovic are friends who founded Workshop&, a skill building platform dedicated to empowering professional women for a modern career and life. Through online workshops, productivity stationery, Melbourne based networking events and inspiring content through collaborations with leading women, Workshop& delivers inspiration and practical skills to their community.
It was through working in the construction industry that the three met, and their connection galvanised when they discovered an unequivocal shared passion of theirs; empowering women.

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Workshop& Founders, Mersi Halilovic, Amanda Tan and Elinor Moshe

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