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Female Leader

Christine Khor - Peeplcoach

Christine Khor Co-Founder and CEO of Peeplcoach is pivoting her career for the third time. Initially Christine worked in corporate marketing for large multi-national brands, and then started her own successful business Chorus Executive, a specialist recruitment agency for sales and marketing professionals.

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Femeconomy Connection

Emma Heuston, The Remote Expert

Emma Heuston, Founder & Principal Lawyer, The Remote Expert and author of The Tracksuit Economy is a committed advocate and expert in remote working. Working from her home in the rural Northern NSW town of Ballina, Emma successfully worked remotely as a partner in a law firm, and now runs her own business.

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Feature Category

Queensland Voices: Jacinda Cottee, Women in Aviation Champion

Jacinda Cottee was the first woman of colour to wear the Qantas Pilot Uniform, flying passenger jets. She is fiercely driven to inspire girls and women to pursue their passions, especially in aviation. She quotes that Qantas has just 5% female pilots, while Air India has 13% female pilot participation. With Queensland’s heavy reliance on aviation, Jacinda believes more is needed to support women currently in the industry, and to inspire future generations of female pilots.
After encountering an catastrophic engine failure and ending up with PTSD, Jacinda was inspired to complete a Mental Health First Aid accreditation. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Psychological Science, and writing a book on Pilot Wellness. Jacinda also works with the Australian Federation of Air Pilots as one of their Welfare Representatives.

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Jacinda Cottee

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