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Last year alone women spent $874 billion.
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Female Leader

Louise Bezzina, CEO, Bleach* Festival

As CEO and Artistic Director of Bleach*, Louise has since 2011 established the Festival’s reputation as a leading Queensland Arts organisation, with Bleach* becoming the largest employer of artists on the Gold Coast, and contributing $8.7 million to the local economy in 2018.

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Female Leader

National Because of Her, We Can Ebook

The National Because of Her, We Can Ebook features Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female leaders who are evolving our businesses and communities.

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Feature Category

Mythbusting – Women and Employment

The burden of financial inclusion for should not be placed on the financially excluded, and the same applies to workplaces. So the short answer is that it is not women, HR or the diversity working group that are responsible for solving wage equity. It’s leaders.

The lifetime gender pay gap costs women hundreds of thousands of dollars, their homes, their health and their dignity. Pay equality in the workplace is the responsibility of leaders who must take action so that all people are able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities, regardless of gender.

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