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Female Leader

Bianca Stawiarski, Warida Wholistic Wellness

Bianca Stawiarski is the Managing Director of Warida Wholistic Wellness and an engaging, warm and proud Badimaya woman, whose business initially started as a volunteer endeavour. Now Warida Wholistic Wellness is an established business dedicated to helping people build emotional resilience and wellbeing, and overcome trauma.

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Female Leaders

Lea Boyce, BOYCE Family Office

Lea Boyce, Director of BOYCE Family Office is an experienced global business leader who deploys her unique qualifications in Anthropology and Gender Studies to support multi-generational family businesses across industries with succession planning, governance, mentoring, and inter-generational transfer.

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Feature Category

Renovations and Building Booming during COVID-19

COVID-19 has sparked growth in spending on home renovations, building and property maintenance. Australian families have been renovating their properties during the coronavirus pandemic, with the average budget coming in at $63,188 according to latest lending data.

Femeconomy members from the building, renovation and property sector shared their experience of the COVID-19 on their business, and the market forces driving this trend. Whilst there has been growth in projects, the complexity of restrictions and COVID requirements have meant that it hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

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