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Femeconomy approved brands have at least 30% of women on the Board of Directors
or are 50% female owned. So far over 800 brands meet our criteria.
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Female leaders will create gender equality.


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A Back to School Checklist that’s kind to our Flora & Fauna

You might be heading back to work, uni or getting the kids ready for school. Do you have everything you need? Flora & Fauna have put a checklist together full of eco-friendly options.

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Female Leader

Emily Duggan, Australian Racing Car Driver

Emily Duggan's dream was to race V8 supercars. With no background in motorsports, no support or sponsorship she bought her own car and drove it to the racetrack. Then went on to win the 5th Motorsport race she competed in.

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Female Leader Conversations Feature - Annette Kimmitt

Non-Executive Director and EY's Global Growth Markets Leader, Annette Kimmitt said, "My biggest challenge throughout my career has been dealing with both unconscious and conscious bias permeating the almost-all-male work environments I have found myself working in since 1984. And when I say ‘dealing with’, I don’t just mean in terms of my own career and ambitions. But also championing and helping to pave the way for other women coming through. This continues to be a challenge that I remain firmly committed to addressing every day." Enjoy Annette's story in this week's ebook feature.

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If your brand is 50% owned by females or has at least 30% of women on the board of directors, then we would love to hear from you.