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Femeconomy approved brands have at least 30% of women on the Board of Directors
or are 50% female owned. So far over 800 brands meet our criteria.
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Female leaders will create gender equality.


Gender Equality

The Femeconomy Connection Program

10 female Queensland business leaders can join our collaborative network through The Femeconomy Connection Program, funded by the Queensland Government. Applications close midnight 28 Feb 2018.

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Female Leader

Fi Bendall, CEO Bendalls

Fi is a passionate advocate for women and experienced global entrepreneur who's founded 3 businesses. She writes about challenges faced by the rapidly growing cohort of women aged 35+ leaving corporates to become entrepreneurs.

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Feature Category

Female Leader Conversations Feature - Sheena Ireland

Specialists in Communications Director Sheena Ireland shares her practical tips gleaned from her experience in advising Cabinet Ministers and high profile CEOs. Sheena said, "As we have seen for some years now, ministers rotate more frequently than they used to. So, while you must get the Minister(s) responsible for your area of work up to speed on your issues, you can’t solely focus on them. Because with ministerial reshuffles being a normal occurrence, you could be briefing a new minister sooner than you think. If you’ve spent some time getting your messages out to the range of parliamentarians, it increases the likelihood that you’ll get a head start on briefing the next Minister.

It’s also important to invest time in knowing and building relationships with relevant backbenchers. See what committees they are on and what ‘friends of’ groups they are part of. If the committee or group is relevant to you, do your research on the MP and reach out. Engage them by letting them know how an issue affects their constituency, or how you help their constituency. Find an emotional connection."

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Sheena Ireland
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If your brand is 50% owned by females or has at least 30% of women on the board of directors, then we would love to hear from you.