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to create gender equality

Women make over 85% of purchase decisions. You’re Femeconomy. The power is in your purse.

Femeconomy approved brands have at least 30% of women on the Board of Directors
or are 50% female owned. So far over 800 brands meet our criteria.
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Female leaders will create gender equality.


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Luxe Christmas Gift Guide

Each of these gifts has been designed by women for women. Our community of female leaders are passionate about quality, sustainability and providing unique products that are practical and beautiful. Impart the provenance of these gifts to your loved ones this Christmas, so they can learn about the care and passion behind each brand.

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Female Leader

Carrie Kwan, Founder Mums & Co. and Daily Addict

Carrie Kwan started the insider’s digital lifestyle guide Daily Addict in 2008, and Mums & Co in 2016. Mums & Co is a membership based platform created to specifically support the needs of mothers in business. Carrie’s experienced the start up journey twice and has a keen sense of what women juggling businesses and family need to streamline their lives.

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Female Leader Conversations Ebook

Our intention with Femeconomy was to build an engaged community of female leaders across Australia. On this quest, we have connected with leaders aligned to our mission of progressing gender equality through using the power of the female economy. Our community is rich with exceptional female leaders from a range of cultural and social backgrounds, and who represent many industries. We are delighted to showcase our community in our first ebook: Female Leader Conversations.

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Female Leader Conversations ebook
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If your brand is 50% owned by females or has at least 30% of women on the board of directors, then we would love to hear from you.